5 Tips to Save Time, Refocus, and GSD!

Use Pomodoro Technique

This technique is based on the idea that multi-tasking does not work, and you’ll be more productive when your mind is focused on a singular activity or task. Set a timer for 25 minutes of focused work, then take a 5-minute break when the timer rings. Get up to stretch, get a glass of water, or close your eyes.  At the end of 5-minutes, reset the timer and repeat the process. This is what I use https://tomato-timer.com/

Set Up Google Alerts

Google is a little like Big Brother, so if you want to stay up to date on the latest industry news, ask Google. Simply type in the keyword phrases you want to track, and Google will send daily or weekly alerts to your inbox whenever that phrase pops up in a news story online.

Once you receive the Google Alerts, create content around that news topic. If it’s a time-sensitive topic, then publish your content right away. If it’s more evergreen, schedule this content on your calendar for a later date.

Scan Google Trends for Inspiration

Google Trends is a quick way to see what topics are hot in any region of the world. While you can enter your own search word, Google Trends also has lists of Recently Trending topics that are easy to peruse for ideas.

When you come up with these content ideas, also think of a way to spin the topic around to add your unique perspective. Your tribe follows you for a reason so think of your people when creating this content. Instead of regurgitating the same information, find ways to make your content compelling and uniquely your own.

Poll Your Audience

If you’re at a loss about what to talk about, simply ask your audience what’s on their mind. Facebook has the option of setting up a poll within your post or use Survey Monkey to create a survey, then send the link to your email list.

With this method of data gathering, you may discover a pattern of answers that indicates a new pain point or struggle. Or you may discover a way to create a new product or class that covers the exact problem your survey uncovers. When in doubt, don’t guess; ask your audience.  The easiest way to gather information is to simply ask a question.

Remove All Distractions

No matter which methods you adopt to work efficiently, it will only work if you eliminate as many distractions from your workspace as possible. Life will go on if you turn off your computer notifications. Sign out of your social platforms and close down any extra browser windows you don’t need.

Focus your energy on creating superior content, one blog post or video at a time. Even those who work in a home office with all the family and home distractions can manage to find some quiet time to think and create.

Remember, staying focused and Present, in the moment is, in many ways more important than going to the gym! It’s a different kind of exercise :).