Hello, are you a Visionary? I am

I’m a visionary and it occurred to me that about six or seven years ago, you wouldn’t have heard me say that, although I was a visionary then. But I wouldn’t have said it, because it’s taken me a whole lifetime to accept and own the fact that I’m a visionary.

When I look back on my life, I can see that I have always been a visionary, but I grew up in working class Ireland as a Catholic. And actually, visionaries were lofty individuals who were next to God-like, they were the saints and mystics. In fact, since I was very little and all through my teenage years and adolescence and young adulthood, I’ve always been drawn to the writing of mystics and all the kind of esoteric and metaphysical concepts and ideas have always fascinated me.

But, I never considered myself visionary until the penny dropped for me, about maybe seven years ago. Alan and I were doing a lot of courses and delivering courses and attending a lot of trainings and courses. I would often find myself feeling very frustrated. And in conversation with Alan, I’d hear myself saying “can they not see that? How can they not see that?”

And then I would hear my tone of voice and think, “Oh gosh, Grace, there you go. Criticizing again, judging again, and feeling frustrated.” And then I would judge myself and see myself as being really negative and judgmental. It was one day Alan turned to me and he said to me, “Grace, you see all those things, but other people don’t see them. It’s not their fault.” And I got that, I did see it and that other people didn’t see it. But that seemed a bit egotistical to think that, well, I can see a lot of things that they don’t see.

Once again, my Irish Catholic conditioning remnants were saying, well, that’s a bit big headed to think that you can see things that other people can’t see. But once I stopped and looked at it and I heard him say it, because he knows me, I owned that that that’s true. It was the truth. There’s that “the truth will set you free”. The truth was I did see a lot that other people didn’t see. And so, when I accepted that and owned that, it was a huge relief. And of course, the frustration went. The judgment and the criticism went and I accepted that I am a visionary. It was so empowering for me.

Of course being a visionary, one of the things about being a visionary is that you’re an avid learner. You’re a lifelong learner. You are infinitely curious and want to dig deep and discover all you can discover about something. So, I went and researched the hell out of being a visionary. I kind of knew it notionally and conceptually, but not how it is to be a visionary.

So, I realized that I had all the characteristics or pretty well all the characteristics of being a visionary, some of which is having masses of ideas, constantly having ideas. And infinitely curious, constantly learning, but mostly interested in the big ideas, joining up the dots. Not at all interested in the minutia of things, all the detail. And so, I began to accept that, and I had this energy about learning. It was no trouble for me to… I would have three or four new books a week and I would devour them.

And it wasn’t just a case of just wanting to fill my head with information. It actually came from me. And one of the gifts I realized that I had was digesting that and then putting it out for other people to digest. So in fact, I would say, my development, I’m a futurist in that I have learned to use my head, my heart, my gut, my senses to tune into emerging futures. But that’s the subject of another video.

So, if you’re resonating with any of these things, mostly it’s all the constant flow of ideas and seeing how things join up and emerge, and actually being so full of ideas and having so many different projects on the go as well. And you may also be a visionary if this resonates with you. It may be that you’re a visionary.

There is a downside to being a visionary. And that I’ve just touched on is starting the next thing before you’ve properly finished the project that you’re working on. But I understand that something like 3% of the population fall into the category of being visionary. So, if this is your topic and if you resonate with it, then the challenges of it and how to overcome the challenges of being the visionary is the topic of my next video. So, bye for now.

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