Our Core Values

The culture at Western Women Mean Business is built on our shared core values – Learn, Grow, Contribution.

Learn means that we understand the importance of new knowledge, that the world is changing so fast that we need to continue learning about ourselves, ourselves in relation to others and the wider world from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Grow, we are here to continue developing, becoming more of our unconditioned, authentic and wise selves. By this we raise our vibrational frequency and raise the awareness of others in our environment.

Contribution means we understand that as women living in the west, we have access to more resources and opportunities for advancement, such as education, work, owning property, earning capacity, and, as we meet our own human need, to make a contribution, we raise our own status and raise the status of other women indirectly as well as directly.

Other important values are Love, Connection, Collaboration, Courage

We continuously strive to connect more meaningfully with other women, to be mindful that we are all connected and as I raise them up, I raise myself also. We look for opportunities to collaborate on our business and marketing endeavours, and importantly, we encourage each other to be more courageous in becoming the powerful catalysts for change that we all are.

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